Offered Services

Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage is basic massage techniques which promote circulation and relieve stress and muscle tension. Each session is catered to your needs. Whether it be full body or just a specific area, we work together to plan what fits your needs. 

*30 min $35   *45 min $50  *60 min $65  *90 min $85  *120 min $110


Deep Tissue

    Deep tissue massage focuses on isolating specific muscle groups which lie deeper in the body. I use heat to help relax muscles first in order to move into deeper tissues. Deep tissue can assist in rehabilitation of areas that are under constant stress and tension. Note: This technique uses slow, firm pressure which may not be suitable for those who bruise easily, or take blood thinners.

*60 min $75  *90 min $95 


Hot Stone Massage

   Providing the ultimate relaxation experience, hot stone massage uses heated balsat stone to compliment massage movements, providing relief through further pressure and heat. The heated stones assist in relaxing stubborn areas, as well as promoting overall relaxation for many.

*60 min $80   *90 min $100


Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

   This technique is very similar to hot basalt stone massage. Himalayan salt stones are known for their ability to retain heat longer, as well as assist in detoxifying the body and promoting health. Heated salt stones are used in the same way as hot stones to enhance your massage experience, while adding an invigorating detoxifying element for your overall health and well-being.

*60 min $80   *90 min $100


Chakra Balancing Massage

   Chakras are the points in our body where energy is stored and circulated throughout the body. These energy points are said to become blocked and lead to physical symptoms within the body. Chakra balancing massage using a variety of massage and alternative techniques to assist in balancing and unblocking affected chakras. Sessions are 90 or 120 minutes long, and the intention is placed on helping to bring function back to the physical body through relieving energy imbalances.

*90 min $110   *120 min $125 


*Inquire about a service or spa treatment not shown, and I will see if I can help you!

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